Protect Your Palm Trees

Tampa Bay Is ground zero for a deadly Palm disease called Lethal Bronzing along with another called Lethal Yellowing both which there is no cure. Prevention is the only way to keep these beautiful Palms from getting either of these disease.

Injecting the palm trees with an antibiotic quarterly is the only preventative measure to preventative measure that works with these 2 diseases.

Palms are not just susceptible to Lethal yellowing or Lethal Bronzing, as these only affect some palms, we have problems like insects, nutrient issues, fungus issues that make most palms susceptible to something.

lethal bronzing 3.jpg

You can see the difference between the healthy palm on the right and the sick one on the left


A Palm tree like this would cost thousands to remove and replace and for less then 50 cents a day you can protect it, feed it, and keep it beautiful.

nutrients palm.jpg

Even if by chance you do not have a palm that is susceptible to Lethal Yellowing or Lethal bronzing there are a host of other things that can affect the beauty of your palms and cost you thousands.

Some are as simple as nutrient issues that the tree may not be taking in from our soil or as serious as a bug issue.

Our 4 Step Palm Health Care programs will deal with all the issues at one time. The trees are also not sprayed so you do not have chemicals or fertilizer spraying into the air, but injected into the trees like a shot with a needle so we can maximize the uptake by the Palms.


Our program also works on Magnolias trees ( scale insects etc) Oak, and other trees utilizing the same Method. 

Contact us and lets get your palms protected for less then 50cents, 2 quarters a day per tree!!!