About us

About Us

Our Purpose is quite simply to provide our customers with green healthy lawns while reducing the amount of synthetic fertilizers and chemicals by a minimum of 50%. Our focus on providing the correct nutrients, "food", and micro nutrients we build a stronger foundation to grow lawns and plants reducing the need for synthetic fertilizer and chemicals.


Mike is the owner of Bee Green Lawn Care and has over 20 years' experience in the green industry. The last 6 years focusing on the Lawn & Shrub care area only, specifically working on and implementing a program that would allow the soil, plants, and grasses to deal with many issues. The focus being on fixing the soil so that plants and grasses can take up nutrients better and in turn fight off many diseases, weed and insect issues with only supplemental help from synthetic chemicals. That fix includes knowing what's wrong with the dirt and applying the correct fertilizer containing organic materials rather than engineered ones. 

People are important

Customers, Team Members, and Vendors all are people, which is what is at the core of 

how we operate. We as a company believe that if our team members are treated well, they will treat our customer and vendors well and vice versa. When decisions are made they are made with this in mind and we believe this allows our Team to make great decisions knowing that if it's good for a customer,or a vendor and the general public that they can make the decision with confidence that it is the correct one. 

This core belief plays a role in areas such as:

-Team Member compensation and benefits

-Our All Inclusive Program

-Educating our customers and general public

-What Vendors we do business with.

Kingdom Business:

The center of how we do business can be simply explained by Proverbs 16:3- Commit your works to the Lord and your plans will be established, all we do is guided by biblical principles. We firmly believe that we are here to do more than just turn a profit and make money but to use the resources entrusted to us by God to do his good works. We as a company are committed to the practice of Tithing back to God our first fruits.

Our heart as we grow is to be a blessing to the local communities we do business in whether it be through financial means or otherwise.